Summertime Belongs to Queers

I'm the guest on the latest episode of Lit!Pop!Bang!

Episode Info:

Ep 1.7: Summertime Belongs to Queers!

Released July 05, 2018

This month, Cece and Anthony are joined by dave ring. In the episode, they discuss dave's newest project, editing the Broken Metropolis anthology for Mason Jar Press (6:45), representation in literature (14:15), dave's work with OutWrite DC (18:30), and microagressions (27:00). In the Pop! section, Anthony and Cece take on Elon Musk's views on Socialism (34:45), The Carters (39:30), and another Queer Eye update (54:00). Finally, in the Bang! section, dave rejoins the hosts to talk dream gay bar dates with deceased authors (57:30).